Friday, May 8, 2015

Pull up a chair-

The Invitation

Greetings from the end of another gorgeous week.  There is so much going on around here that it really feels like the weeks are just flying by.  I am painting lots and will have new house and chair pieces to share next week if the rain keeps me out of the garden (which really, really, really needs tending).  If you lived closer I would invite you to stop by, pull up a chair and have a sip of something cool.  I've got windows to finish painting so I'm going to keep it short this morning.  In no particular order here's a little list of the goings on around here-

celebrated my 48th birthday last week
helped my girl choose a prom dress 
planned her graduation dinner and sent out invites
took my boy to his 1st day at his 1st official paying job
took the same boy to his driver's test
(he passed!)
got a summer teaching gig at the ann arbor art center  
applied for a fall artist residency
(fingers crossed!)

so many milestones packed into one week!

happy weekend-