Wednesday, April 23, 2014

seeing things (and seeing past them too)...

She Liked The Idea Of Seeing The Forrest AND The Trees

Perspective is a tricky thing to navigate. My goal (most of the time) is to be in the moment as a person, a wife, a mother and daughter.  But I am finding it necessary to step back and take a glimpse from the outside in many situations lately in order to really understand what things mean and to fully take them in and appreciate them for what they are.  I'm not sure if that makes any sense.  The world seems be a very one or the other place these days but I feel really connected to the idea of both.  I don't want to see the forrest through the trees...I want to see the forrest AND the trees. Do you know what I mean?  
I've been working a lot and will have more to share soon :)



Anonymous said...

Love this one, especially the girl's skirt and her socks and shoes.

Carole Reid said...

I'm thinking you want all of you senses tickled!