Friday, January 17, 2014

all(most) finished-

Her Dreams Broke Into A Hundred Pieces And Filled The Night Sky

This is one of seven small paintings I have been working on for ETA 15. I'm really loving all seven and will share a sneak peek before I wrap them up and send them off next week. But right now (this very minute, in fact) I need to pack up the car so we can pick up the kiddos and head to Chicago for an appointment and a visit.  Happy weekend to you!


Lakesideletters said...

Oh my, those dreams .... Lovely! I am excited to see the other pieces, too. How was your weekend in Chicago? I hope you enjoyed it. By the way, we ll be back in E-town in August for three weeks. I really hope we will get to see each other. Happy Monday, Sabine

tangled sky studio said...

thanks sabine: ) we had a really nice time in evanston and did a lot of catching up with dear friends. we will be sure to plan a trip in august so we can spend some time at the lake with you and your lovely littles!!!