Wednesday, December 4, 2013

in it....

(peace and joy in the works)

With the holiday season in full swing and celebrations near and far I am feeling so in it right now (a line from Garden State I think).  An unexpected storm put our Thanksgiving trip to Maryland in question until the last possible minute, but we ended up packing at 6am last Wednesday and hitting the road by seven.  The storm was more rain than snow and after an unexpectedly easy drive we enjoyed a lovely meal and some much needed quality time with family and friends we don't see often enough.  Now that we are home there are new classes starting for the big kids (trimesters), tech rehearsals for the two boys every night and baking and volunteering for a Holiday Bazaar.  This means cooking and eating early each night so that everyone has the brain power and energy to get their jobs done.  This morning I found a window of time to get into the studio and start a few 'talking blocks' and the two words I chose speak volumes about how things feel right now.  Here, in it, there is peace and joy.  There is also messiness, business and dailiness, but mostly there is peace and joy.  I hope the same is true for you. xx-

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Janice La Verne said...

hi beth, i'm catching up on my favorite blog sites... i'm in wyoming at jentel artist residency for 4 weeks. it's a slice of heaven, but it's cold, in the single digits. i'm working on paper, and trying new things. i can't blog here so will post a bunch when i get home... i love your blog posts and the shelves are beautiful! hugs (cyberhugs?) Janice