Wednesday, August 21, 2013

kitchen update...

1.  stella showing you the new kitchen floor
2.  the almost complete island
(the spice shelves were a last minute addition...thank you c!)
3.  the new stove finally out of the studio and in the kitchen 
(and after an unexpected electrical job is in working order)

left to do:
countertops templated but won't be installed until mid-september
tiling the backsplash from the countertops to the sofit
hanging floating shelves to hold glasses, cups and coffee and tea stuff
kick plates under cabinets
raising the drain pipe hanging from the ceiling and repairing the ceiling and sofit*
*will hire someone for this job  : )
putting in pot lights
3rd coat of white dove on the walls and ceiling

just wanted to share a bit of what is done and a bit of what is left to do. finishing up new work for ETA 14 and the shop which i will share here soon : )

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bridgette said...

Oh! I love the kitchen island! Hope you all are settling in. We're getting there too.