Monday, January 16, 2012

Did I mention that I finished this sweater? In fact, I just ordered a few skeins of Crow to start a 2nd sweater on an upcoming road trip. I don't know if it's the three quarter sleeves, the lofty yumminess of the yarn or the ease with which it knit up...but I'm smitten. I'm putting the finishing touches on many of the pieces for the Enormous Tiny Art Show and will share a few of the paintings here tomorrow and the rest by the end of the week : )


chrissy said...

hi sweet bloggy friend.
i laughed when i saw the title of your blog post.
i just named my blog post that same thing.
this sweater is so yummy.
hope you are staying warm and cozy this winter season.

tangled sky studio said...

wearing it almost every day (which is why i really want to start on # 2)!

patrice said...

Oh my gosh you knit also? All your wonderful art and now I find out you knit... You my dear are one very talented girl! Love love love!

artslice said...

Your Annabel looks great! I really want a black one too. Mine is a bit cropped... just hitting the belly button. Did yours turn out this way?

Will be on the hunt for a nicer, fluffy - maybe a bit more drapey black. My purple one isn't scratchy but the yarn looks rougher/more rustic.

tangled sky studio said...

hi brenda-mine hits right at my hip but i tried it and knit until it was the length i wanted. the quince & co yarn is REALLY lovely to work with. my 1st few skens of black arrived yesterday : )