Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's been keeping me up at night...

As you may or may not know I am a huge fan of the Chicago band Wilco and this week they are playing five shows at five different venues in the city (each one smaller and more intimate than the one before that). Chuck and I went to the opening night at the Civic Opera House (with Theo) and it was a gorgeous and inspired show. They unexpectedly opened the show with this song which is the kind of long rambling song that you can drop yourself into and wander around. The evening ended with Wilco, Nick Lowe and Mavis Staples on stage and it was truly magical. We went to the 2nd show last night (with friends) and will go to the 3rd show on Thursday(just me and C). That is a lot of late nights but I'm loving the vibe at the shows (and all of the energy, joy and dancing). During the days I've been busy wrapping and shipping art work (thanks to all who have visited my shop lately!) and packaging up gifts to far away family. I have one painting so close to being done that I look at it every day and think... today I will finish you and then for one reason or another I just don't get to it. But today after a trip to the post office with an armload of packages I will head in to the studio to finish that little piece and start on three others. So, I'll be back here tomorrow with a good night's sleep under my belt and a new painting to share.

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