Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Down to the wire...

Moments after I started this post yesterday morning I received a phone call about the darkening sky. Within 10 minutes I was on my belly in the coop gathering wet and scared chicks into their coop (see the area under the coop...it makes gathering them in a hurry a wee bit tricky) in the middle of an insanely powerful storm which lasted only minutes but brought down trees, crushed cars and skylights, and left us without power for the 3rd time in two weeks. I only have a few moments before the cab shows up to take C and I to the airport. We are off to The Outer Banks of North Carolina where the kids have been since Friday with their Grandparents, Aunts, Uncle and Cousins. But before I take off I wanted to take a minute here to share the finished coop and the fact that the girls have officially left my office/studio for good. We put the finishing touches, locks and claps on Sunday and the chicks spent their 1st night in the coop. The timing isn't great for our trip since they are not yet in the groove of going into the coop themselves but we are so, so grateful for a few friends and neighbors who enthusiastically offered to chicken sit. We realize it's a lot to ask but then again who doesn't want to hold a chicken? Have a lovely week!


nacherluver said...

Coop looks great. I would love to chicken sit! ;)
Have a good trip.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh do have a beautiful time
on the outer banks....I spend
so many happy summer days there
as a child,
way back when it was just small
fishing villiages tucked in along
an extremely wild coastline
with ghostly shipwrecks to explore
and climb.
Quite a different place now
(I ran down empty beaches in
Duck and gathered sea treasures I have kept to this day!)
Enjoy it deeply!

artslice said...

Chicken sit! That kills me :) Hope they are sitting tight and weathering the storms you seem to keep experiencing. I'm sure they'll be fine.

Hope you're having a grand time in NC. I hear the beaches are beautiful there... and the people/vibe a welcoming one. Happy summer, Beth.

tangled sky studio said...

nl-always looking for good chicken sitters!
jennifer-duck is still gorgeous (that's where we were) but much more crowded than i'm sure you remember it.
brenda-we are now home but it's late and dark and i can't wait to see the girls in the morning and am sure they will have doubled in size. chickens live in fast forward but they are so in the moment...i love it.