Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quietly working on living out loud...

in the garden

lush and lovely
(waking to beauty)

Another week almost gone and a long weekend just around the corner as a warm up to summer vacation. I feel ready for less structure, ready to stop making lunches, ready to just be in the moment more often than the crazy end of the school year allows. Summer I'm ready to welcome your warm ease and long days. But for now, I am here quietly working on living out loud as an artist, a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend as the rain falls and the wind howls for the way-too-manyeth-day-in-a-row. The two tiny paintings are an ode to the summer days ahead. Be well and have a lovely weekend peeps : )


Susana Tavares said...

They are all wonderful!

tangled sky studio said...

thank you : )

Bev said...

i love tender and sweet!

the nest said...

glorious colors! have a wonderous weekend, friend. xo

artslice said...

Lovely paintings. We are having the same kind of windy weather... happy 'almost' summer!

ps I'm with you on the lunch making :)

patrice said...

Beautiful!! Looks like Summer to me.... Wonderful lazy days at home in the garden.... NOT packing lunches.
Wishing you a wonderful peaceful Summer, with LOTS of time to create.

rachel awes said...

you ARE waking to beauty
& you ARE lush
& i am RICH to witness
your living out loud works..
i hear you, dear lovely.
i lean into your
GORGEOUS home garden
(how i LOVE these)
& breathe deep fresh breath
& offer thanks for
you being you.
(the word verification below
is "light")

tangled sky studio said...

thanks for all your kind words....

Leililaloo said...

These are so beautiful Beth! the colors sing to my heart :))