Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't you just love....

salad season?
Here's my new favorite:
baby lettuce
shaved fennel
butter beans
toasted walnuts
shaved parmigiano reggiano
balsamic vinaigrette (this one is delish with 1/3 c. balsamic v and 2/3 c. red wine v)

What's your current fave?


Kolleen said...

THAT sounds delicious...i'm hungry!!

there is this salad i get at my fav little italian restaurant that i crave and only wish i could replicate! it is A-MAAAAA-ZING....full of flava!!!

romaine, chicken, avocado, red onion, parmesano and the dressing....is so delicious....lemony...deeee-lish! wish the chef would give up the recipe!!!

happy eating

mummysam said...

hmmmm....my fav so far is spinach, beets, asparagus, feta, and pistachio!

justagirl said...

these all sounds so yummy... we are in soup season at the moment so I can't wait to get back into fresh summer salads.

nacherluver said...

enjoying fresh strawberries out of our patch ;)

Ludid said...

all time favorite: cabbage with a bit of brown sugar, olive oil, apple cider, lemon juice, salt, and celery seeds.

Amber Dusick said...

Mmmm, will try! I love salad season, our garden is just getting started and we have plenty of fennel. My fav right now is greens, beets, goat cheese, pistacio and peach slices.

chrissy said...

dear beth...
i can.t tell you how many times you crossed my mind as i was in northern california last weekend.
i really wanted to ask where you lived specifically but i knew you were in the throws of packing and wrapping things up there and i didn.t want to add any extra stress. i DO hope that one day we will be able to sit down in person and eat one of these delicious salads together.
i look at my "girl" often and i too, am so happy that she isn.t making the move with you because she is living on my wall. she is my favorite beth and i am so grateful for your talent.
happy weekend friend.

wanda miller said...

this one :} !!

angelina said...

i'm a total walnuts in salads freak.!

Lenae May said...

I love strawberries tossed in with a light Poppy seed dressing...it always makes me smile!

artslice said...

Yes I do! Yum, that salad sounds great... I'm going to give the dressing a try. Hope you're not tired of all that packing!

Gloria Freshley said...

Good luck with everything!